Come Thou Come

Come thou blessed day of promise
Day of glory, day of peace.
Come thou long awaited morning,
Moment of tranquility.
How we long to feel Thy presence,
Holy Lord, anointed One.
Looking with anticipation
Day of promise, come thou come.

Come Thou Lord of adoration,
May Thy presence fill the sky.
We rejoice with exultation,
For the coming Lord is nigh.
Grant us peace within Thy presence,
May our hearts be filled with love.
Come thou glorious day of promise,
Welcome Jesus, come Thou come.

O desire of every nation
Grant Thy presence, Lord we pray.
Heartfelt wish of all the faithful,
May Thy glory come to stay.
Let us kneel in adoration,
Feel Thy handprints one by one.
Free us from the world's oppression.
Glorious Savior, come Thou come.

Come thou Lord of restoration,
God of Israel, God of love.
Bring with Thee the hosts of heaven
Come in glory, Lord above.
May our hearts invite Thy coming,
May our homes be filled with love.
May our lives be invitation,
Oh Messiah, come Thou come.

©2010 Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.
This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.

Deseret Dramatic Award, 2010 LDS Church Cultural Arts Submission