Born to Save

Written for a Relief Society Christmas Choir, this piece uses the familiar tune from "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" and new lyrics about our Savior who was born to save us all.  Born to Save received an Award of Merit in the 2011 LDS Church Music Submission. The lyrics have since been updated and an SATB version is now available as well.

Voicing: SSA
Accompaniment: Piano and flute
Topics: Christmas

Lyrics: Rachel P. Mohlman and Marianne M. Larsen
Music: based on the French tune, "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella"
Rachel P. Mohlman and Marianne M. Larsen


He has come!
God's own Son,
Born on Earth,
Born to save!

Come and see the holy baby!
Come and see the Lamb of God.
Born to save us; in his mercy,
He has come to Earth from heaven.
Come! Come! Come and see your Savior,
Come! Come! Come and feel His love.

Praise we bring to honor our Savior,
Praise and love to worship our King.
Born to save us; in his mercy
He has come! Now hear our voices
Ring! Ring! Singing to our Savior,
Sing! Sing praises to our King!

All of us have need of redemption,
All have need of saving grace.
Lost and fallen, we seek salvation,
Surely our Lord who comes today will
Save us, save us in his mercy;
Surely he was born to save!

Share the news!
Spread the word!
Born to save!
Praise the Lord!

Glory be to God our Father,
Glory be to Christ His Son!
Born to save us; in his mercy
He has come! Now all our hearts rejoice!
Rejoice in God our Savior!
Rejoice, for Christ has come!

Born to save!
He has come!