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Fear Not

Fear Not

This song was written for the 2015 Kennewick Stake Relief Society Conference. As I pondered and prayed to know what message I needed to share with the sisters at the conference, words of scripture came into my mind, "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." (Doctrine and Covenants 6:36.) Soon a chorus was formed in my mind. I let the ideas mull in my head for a day or two, but verses did not come. Finally, I followed a prompting to call Anna and ask her if she would listen to what I had and see if inspiration would come to her for the verses. I needed the song within a few days, so I remember thinking, "If this is what the sisters need, then it will come." By that afternoon, Anna had sent me a recording of her singing verses--words and music for the rest of the song. We were able to finish the song in time for the conference, and I knew it was a message from Heavenly Father to my sisters that they needed at that time. This message has found a place in my heart--Fear Not. When we follow Jesus Christ, remember Him, abide in Him, we have no need to fear.

Voicing: Vocal solo
Accompaniment: Piano
Topics: Atonement, Comfort, Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Guidance, Healing, Hope, Jesus Christ, Love, Obedience, Plan of Salvation, Repentance, Revelation, Sacrifice, Savior, Spirituality, Steadfastness, Trials, Worship.

Lyrics and Music: R
achel P. Mohlman and Anna M. Molgard