The text was written following attendance at a session of the temple when the author was led to ask Heavenly Father for specific and continued guidance throughout her life. The text was given an Award of Merit in the 2009 LDS Church Music Submission and then set to music in an effort to reflect the simplicity of the humble plea for a constant, heavenly guide through life.

Voicing: SATB hymn
Accompaniment: Piano, optional
Topics: Comfort, Guidance, Inspiration, Prayer, Revelation

Lyrics: Anna M. Molgard
Music: Anna M. Molgard and Rachel P. Mohlman


Heavenly Father guide my mind.
Through thy Spirit help me find
The answer to my questioning.
Let wisdom tutor teaching me.

Heavenly Father guide my heart.
Help me feel thy presence start
To soften my unbending will.
Give comfort; bid my heart be still.

Heavenly Father guide my feet.
As I travel help me meet
Another soul whose wand'ring way
Could benefit from mine today.

Heavenly Father guide my life.
Hasten ever to my side.
Oh, lead my heart and feet and mind
Until my soul is sealed as thine.

© 2009 Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.

This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.