I Will Seek Him

Originally written for the Kennewick Stake Christmas Choirs, this song was born after my co-director asked if there wasn't a combination of "Seek the Lord Early" and "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth". It sounded familiar to both of us, but when we couldn't find it, it seemed it was time to create one. 
As I crafted this (at first for a children's choir with a women's choir), I felt such a desire to testify of Christ's coming - "Now He comes to reign!" But the message that struck me most powerfully as I wrote it was, "He will be found." I knew that was the message the Lord wanted to convey to His children at that time. He wants to be found. And He wanted the children of that choir to know that as they seek Him, they will find Him.  

Voicing: Children's Choir with SSAA or SATB choir
Accompaniment: Piano
Topics: Atonement, Children, Christmas, Easter, Faith, Grace, Hope, Jesus Christ, Plan of Salvation, Prophets, Savior, Spirituality

Seek the Lord Early by Joanne Bushman Doxey, ©Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used with permission.
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth by Parley P. Pratt and Gioacomo Meyerbeer
Arranged: Rachel P. Mohlman

SSAA     Choral Score (SSAA)      Children's part for SSAA       


I'll seek the Lord early while in my youth, 
And he will help me to know the truth. 
I'll search the scriptures and find him there, 
Then go to our Father in fervent prayer. 

I'll seek the Lord early, and I'll obey 
His living prophets in all they say. 
I'll keep his commandments; his love will abound. 
I will seek the Lord early, I'll seek the Lord. 
I will seek him, and he will be found.

Jesus, once of humble birth,
Now in glory comes to earth.
Once he suffered grief and pain;
Now he comes on earth to reign.

Once a meek and lowly Lamb,
Now the Lord, the great I Am.
Once upon the cross he bowed;
Now his chariot is the cloud.

Once he groaned in blood and tears;
Now in glory he appears.
Once rejected by his own,
Now their King he shall be known.

Once forsaken, left alone,
Now exalted to a throne.
Once all things he meekly bore,
But he now will bear no more. 

I'll seek the Lord. I will seek him!
And he will be found.