I Wonder

This solo expresses wonder and awe at the mission of Christ, and the mission of his mother, Mary.

Voicing: Solo voice
Accompaniment: Piano
Topics: Atonement, Christmas, Example, Jesus Christ, Motherhood, Savior

Lyrics: Anna M. Molgard and Rachel P. Mohlman
Rachel P. Mohlman

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I wonder, as she held him closely,
Wrapped in warm and swaddling bands,
Did she wonder what her Father
Asked from tiny, trembling hands?

I wonder, as they brought him presents,
Gifts of treasure so rare,
Did she wonder at the off'ring
Held within her tender care?

I wonder, as she saw him walking,
Learning every awkward step,
Did she wonder where they’d take him,
Feet just finding balance yet?

I wonder, as she saw him carving,
Working there by Joseph’s side,
Did she wonder how he’d use
His hands to serve and bless mankind?

I wonder, what did Mary feel
As she pondered the life her son would lead?
I'm sure she knelt in earnest silence,
Prayers ascending from her heart,
For the strength to fill her calling
As mother of the Son of God.

I wonder, when she saw him teaching
Elders in that holy place,
Did she wonder what he’d teach her
As he grew from grace to grace?

I wonder if she hugged him tighter,
Stroked his head and held his hand,
Sensed the weight of future offering,
Sacred sacrificial Lamb.

I wonder.