O Great Healer

Voicing: SATB
Accompaniment: Piano, optional
Topics: Atonement, Comfort, Grace, Healing, Hope, Savior

Lyrics: Anna M. Molgard
Music: Anna M. Molgard, Rachel P. Mohlman


Father, heal the ache inside me.
Let thy power bring me peace.
May thy grace now be sufficient
Bringing me a sweet release
From the pain that never leaves me.
May my heartache now subside.
May thy Holy Spirit comfort,
Soothe the hurt and then reside.

Father, let not thy Son’s suffering
Be in vain, help me to see
All the pain and all the sorrow
Borne by Him, a gift for me.
Let me understand the offering,
How, instead of misery,
I have hope in mighty healing
Through thy Son who died for me.

Sweet redemption, I have felt it
Give me strength yet unforeseen.
Father, may thy matchless power
Carry forth and reign supreme.
Heaven’s hand hath held me closely,
Borne the grief I could not bear.
O great Healer of the nations,
Thou hast banished my despair.

© 2008 Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.

This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.