Women of Faith


AUTHOR/COMPOSERS: Anna M. Molgard Rachel P. Mohlman

TYPE OF SCRIPT: One-Act Musical intended for Stake Relief Society performance

PERIOD OF PLAY: Modern Day / Biblical Old Testament Time

CENTRAL THEME: Modern women can relate to and learn from examples of faithful women in the scriptures.

SYNOPSIS OF ACTION: Melody, a modern woman, progressively goes from new bride, to barren young woman, to new mother, young mother, middle aged mother, and mother of grown missionary son and experiences times of grief, joy, frustration, and faith.  Scriptural women; Hannah, Mary (Mother of Jesus), Esther, Mary and Martha; are shown experiencing corresponding situations. They are separated by staging and never interact during the course of the show.

Applying the scriptures to our daily lives
Temple marriage
Infertility (story of Hannah)
Birth of Savior (story of Mary)
Mothers in the home
Faith (story of Esther)
Prioritizing our daily lives (story of Mary & Martha)
Preparation of missionaries
Importance of mother’s example in the home
Parents teaching scriptures in the home
Submission to will of God

8 women aged 20-45 for speaking & singing roles
2 women aged 15-30 for pantomime action roles
5 men aged 15-50 for pantomime action roles

MELODY – female, age 20-45 (will change ages w/makeup & costume) MUST have STRONG soprano voice & speaking voice
MOM – female, age 40-50 – soprano solo
HANNAH – female, age 20-30 – alto solo
MARY (Mother of Jesus) – female, age 20-30 - small soprano solo
ESTHER – female, age 20-30 – only group singing
KING AHASEURUS – male, age 30-50 – no dialogue
MORDECAI – male, age 30-50
HAMAN – male, age 20-40 – no dialogue
KING’S SERVANT – male, age 15-30 – no dialogue
MAID (2) – female, age 15-30 – no dialogue
HATACH (Queen’s Servant) – male, age 20-40 – no dialogue
EMILY – female, age 25-35 – soprano duet
MARTHA – female, age 35-45 – soprano duet
MARY – female, age 25-35 – soprano duet
DAVID (voice over) – male, age 19-21