A Soft Answer

I've done a lot of listening,
I haven't had a choice.
When I woke up this morning
I’d completely lost my voice.

When speaking to my children,
Whether happily or mad,
They couldn’t tell the difference
Since a whisper’s all I had.

No matter what I said to them,
They simply whispered back.
Their tones reflected mine,
Their speech a simple, whispered rasp.

I noticed something happening,
A softer sort of change.
I started really listening.
It felt a little strange.

I started hearing things
I’d been too loud to hear before.
I stopped my interrupting,
Hearing them speak even more.

My life could be more peaceful,
My actions more sincere,
If I learned to really listen,
Drop my voice, by choice, and hear.

Anna M. Molgard
Proverbs 15:1

©2008 Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.
This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.