I keep falling.

Falling down -

From trying to run
Too fast
Too far
Too long.
From carrying burdens
Not owned
Not meant
For me to carry.
From trying too hard to
Keep up
Keep going
Keep face.

Falling backward -

From forgetting my need to
Look forward
Look faithful
Look fiercely.
From wishing away the present
Just remembering
Just longing
For impossible reversals.
From expending limited energies
On others
On why me
On the unknown.

Falling short -

From failing to remember
Who listens
Who answers
Who never will fail me.
From perfection by being
Simply human
Simply flawed
In my natural state.
From completing my life
Without patience
Without grace
Without the Author,

The Finisher of my faith.

Anna M. Molgard

© Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.
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