On Grieving

this intermingling of emotion,
relief and joy
grief and sorrow
spinning through me,
creating a cascade
of internal cacophony.
Uncertain whether
the tumultuous tide
will carry me
to the land of joy
or the island of sorrow,
and whether,
upon arrival,
it will carry me quickly away
to visit the other.

while granting a measure of release
from immediate worry,
creates an entirely new sense of
emptiness -
A missing piece
of connection,
a heart wandering
without a certain sense
of where to rest.
Familiar places of
safety and security,
long beloved,
now gone
and silent.

Searching for a place of peace,
a safe harbor
amidst the sorrow
wherein to rest
my weary heart,
tired from the turmoil
I lay my head
upon the Rock.
A sure foundation.

Somehow feeling steadiness,
secure in my safety,
I sit for a while...
feeling the currents,
allowing them to come and go,
to ebb and flow,
safe in the knowledge
that until they subside,
I am safely
seated upon
the Rock
and it cannot fall.

Anna M. Molgard

Written 12/5/11 on the airplane returning home from my beloved Grandma Nedra Todd Mohlman's funeral.

©2011 Faithsong Publications L.L.C.
This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.