Whole Wise Woman

 My bed is half made, the flowers half laid
    In their beds, with their pots askew.
The floor is half swept. The jam is half kept,
    With berries still left to do.

The washer's half loaded. The dryer's half folded.

    The closet is sorted part way.
The bills are half opened. The dishes half soaking,
    And dinner is just underway.

My list half completed and feeling defeated
    I think about what I have done
In my day's disarray. Without any delay
    My accomplishments rise one by one.

The scriptures were opened. The prayers were all spoken,
    I love you's and hugs out the door.
Their voices were ringing. I smiled at them singing
    Of wise men who built near the shore.

Maybe all of my half-nots will someday be wholes,
    But today I'm content to ensure
That my children, whole-hearted, converted, concertedly
    Walk in the way of the Lord.

Anna M. Molgard

© 2008 Faithsong Publications, L.L.C.
This piece may be copied for noncommercial use.

Deseret Dramatic Award, 2009 Church Cultural Arts Submission