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Why this?
Why me?
Why now?

After all the storms
I've already weathered
must I feel beaten
by waves
and winds
of this magnitude?

Might not the buffetings

cease but for a moment

for me to rest

in some measure of calm?

What grand design

would be altered

by such peace?

I try to sink in silence,

but waves of wisdom

call to me.

The depths of sorrow

create caverns of compassion.

Deep ravines

run through the soul

so that no heartache

is invisible to me.

I feel the pain

as if it is my own.

And I begin to understand

how drops of blood

could possibly pour through pores

of infinite compassion.

Anna M. Molgard

©2013 Faithsong Publications, LLC


This piece may be copied for noncommercial use